Food Monkey Cookie Policy

In addition to giving you the best possible browsing experience, we also serve cookies to enable us to improve the quality of service and that of our site. Once you are on our Site, our web server automatically places a cookie on your computer. With such placement, we can identify your computer, but not the specific user.

Each cookie comes with a unique identification number, and when this is associated with other customer information, we know that such cookie and the information they carried are associated with you.

Going beyond this page signifies that you have accepted our cookie settings, and agree that you understand, and ready to abide by the stipulations of this Cookies Policy, which contains information on the best way to manage your preferences and choices as they relate to cookies.

In this Cookies Policy, we attempt to explain:

What are Cookies?

Cookies refer to small pieces of information usually placed on your computer or device when you visit a website. Cookies function by storing and sometimes tracking, information as regards your use of the site you are visiting. Most cookies used by Food Monkey expires at the expiration of your web session, while others are only used when you request us to remember your login details against your next visit to our site. The latter usually last for longer than the former.

Why do we use cookies?

Here are explanations to questions bothering on the usage of Cookies present on our Site. These explanations are based on the International Chamber of Commerce guide for cookie categories:

1. Strictly necessary cookies

These type of cookies makes it possible for you to access vital features on our Site, for instance, ordering takeaway quickly and easily. With strictly necessary cookies, we can keep track of your postcode and the items in your shopping basket while you continue to navigate the other pages of our website or even shopping or more items during the same browsing session. It also enables us to identify you when you log in, thus providing you with a customised experience based on your usual activities on our Site. Declining these cookies may lead to your inability to access our site for these essential features, although you can browse through.

2. Functionality cookies

These type of cookies offer our users an improved functionality of our website, by making certain additional services available to them, or enhance their visits to our site in the future. Such improved features include access to our online help service with our live chat team, who are always available to provide you with the needed help and assistance with any of our services. Note that functionality cookies are capable of sharing information with partners, but it is such that sharing is ONLY to provide services and products, and not for any other use.

3. Performance cookies

They collect information as regards your usage of our Site, with the aim of using such information to improve the quality of our services and the Site itself. Note that our performance cookies are not made to collect data that can be used to identify you. We only use them to collect anonymised information, which will be used by us to:

  • provide statistics on our site usage;
  • keep track of which website our users are coming from; and
  • assist us in the overall improvement of the site by taking note of usage information and all possible errors our users encountered in the course of their browsing experience.

4. Targeting and Sharing cookies

With targeting and sharing cookies, you can access personalised browsing experience on our Site, which will, in turn, provide you with services based on your interest on our Site and other websites also. They work by collecting only information by reference to the IP address of your device. Note that it is possible that some of these personalised browsing experiences to be linked to the services provided by third parties, who offer these services only after verifying that you are coming from our site. Such information is used in informing you of services and products you may like or the services offered by these third parties.

Targeting and sharing cookies may also function as links to social networks, including Twitter or Facebook, thus providing advertising platforms with the relevant information about your visit to our site, which enables them to provide you with adverts you may find relevant and interesting.

You can learn more about this form of interest-based advertising and how to activate or deactivate the feature from this link -

Setting your Cookie Preferences

While we serve some of the cookies used by our site, others are properties of third parties that are empowered by us to deliver services on our behalf. The default configuration of most internet browsers enables them to accept cookies. You may wish to change that from your browser settings, to either prevent cookies entirely or have it notify you every time a cookie is set. More information on cookies can be found on including the methods of blocking cookies as related to different browsers.

Kindly note that removing or blocking cookies placed or requested by our site may lead to your inability to enjoy the full offers and features available on our Site.

You can also get detailed information on our use of personal information collected by you with your permission, even though not all the information received via cookies are capable of identifying you.

At FoodMonkey, our long-term commitment lies in striving to provide you with improved methods of managing your cookie preferences. Thus, we may have to update this Cookies Policy with changes in Cookies Law or the emergence of new technologies or advancements in preference management tools.