Careers With Food Monkey

Creation - We strive to build the best possible experience for our customers - together, as a team.

Education - We look both internally and externally for sources of learning and inspiration.

Enjoyment - Life is something that happens whilst you’re busy at work. We ensure that you enjoy that work.

Globally successful enterprises cannot be created by one individual alone. It requires an entire team, unified by a single grand vision. Together we work hard, play hard and we’re constantly innovating, using literally hundreds of post it notes each week. We give the best bear hugs and high 5s in town too!

We Live Out our Values Every Day

Be Supportive

Make everyone feel like they’re part of something and make sure they feel cared for.
Encourage everyone involved to give it their all.
Listen, communicate effectively and be clear when setting expectations.

Be a Champion of the Cause

Make sure that all efforts that positively impact the community and further the cause, a high priority.
Build your foundations with a focus on long term success.
Participate actively in culture and in the community.

Embody the Ideal of Serial Entrepreneurism

Be adventurous and utilise ‘out of the box’ thinking.
Visualise what the ideal outcome looks like.
Use all available resources to make that outcome a reality.

Embrace the Challenge

Ask questions, use your team’s combined knowledge and demonstrate your capacity for growth.
Positively acknowledge and learn from your errors.
Approach each day with optimism and verve.

The Benefits of Working at Food Monkey